Our approaches and tools

for team- and organisational coaching : Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a structured, practical, fast and effective approach that enables guiding teams and organisations towards the discovery of their dreams and bringing them to life, starting with the elements that already work well.

The approach emerged in the 1980s and 1990s from the work of Cooperrider in his research clinic on the sociology of organisations at the University of Cleveland.
Beyond the many concrete results obtained by teams and organisations using this method around the world, the approach is validated by studies and scientific research conducted notably by Rosenthal, Barbara Frederickson, Martin Seligman or Jacques Lecomte on successful teams.

Here are some features observed in organisations that have applied this method:
-  Discovery and better use of everyone’s skills
-  Greater efficiency
-  Increased work satisfaction and motivation
-  Identification of new resources within the company
-  Greater creativity and better problem solving
-  Better understanding of each other

Examples of organisations which have already used this approach: British Airways, Michelin, Bouygues, the European Commission …

Otherwise, this approach is very good for your company as you can appropriate it and use it again yourself.

Integral Togetherness was trained in this method by the Institut Français d’Appreciative Inquiry (IFAI).